michael ciccarelli is a nyc-based software engineer specializing in web development. For over a decade, he has worked with brands, startups, and individuals in enhancing their digital offerings.

currently immersed in the fields of web3, crypto and decentralized finance (DeFi), he is building tools and applications that leverage blockchain technology to create new paradigms for the web.


  • Freelance2016 —
  • Metropolis2022 —
  • Axoni2020 — 2022
  • VICE Media2014 — 2018
  • GREY Group2013 — 2014
  • Condé Nast2012 — 2013
  • Clients

  • Amazon
  • Pentagram
  • Elara Pictures
  • Revolve Law Group
  • WIRED Magazine
  • The WELL
  • Common
  • Knoll
  • Capabilities

  • JavaScript (TS)
  • Next.js / React
  • Node.js and APIs
  • Decentralized apps
  • Vercel & cloud infrs
  • Headless CMS & E-com
  • UI/UX design, data viz
  • Figma Prototyping
  • Selected Projects

    Farcaster Food Frames

    Farcaster Frame Development using Frog, Next.js. and Tailwind. The concept was to use Farcaster's new Frames standard and demonstrate a simple token deployments using the metal.build tool.


    dapp built with Next.js, Viem, Privy, & Tailwind. Single-click smart contract deployments, search for popular contracts, browse starter templates, and interact with them onchain.

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    Over Abstraction

    Landing page for a crypto podcast series built with Next.js + Tailwind

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    dapp built with Next.js, Ethers, and React Flow spatial interface for visualizing smart contracts and blockchain data.

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    Community site for Elara Pictures, to feature music, videos, and merch. Built with Next.js, Sanity, and Shopify headless.

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    The BAR

    Portfolio site built with Next.js + Sanity.io headless CMS

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    The Well

    Editorial and e-commerce site built with Next.js, Shopify, and Sanity

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    Revolve Law

    Single-page website for a law firm, built with React and Framer motion.

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    Common Studio

    Single-page, lead gen website, built with Next.js and Contentful CMS.

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    G9 Ventures

    Portfolio site for a VC firm, built with React.js.

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    Venn Skincare

    e-commerce/product website built with Shopify.

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    Video streaming for VICE, built with Next.js and Video.js

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    Design Tool

    Tool for designers to configure custom wall panels, built with Vue and d3.js

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